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10-11-11 | By

Step 6 and 7. Everyday Work For A Stronger Recovery

Love Yourself

Steps 6 and 7 are overlooked many times in the 12 step program. I mean how can they not be? They’re just two short paragraphs in a book that’s 164 pages long of instruction. That’s right two paragraphs, the first two on page 76 in case you’re wondering. But those steps mean a lot more to me then the attention they get. Step 6 for instance is telling me that I’m ready, ready to have God as I understand him remove my character defects. I should be ready right? At this point I’ve acknowledged that I’m an alcoholic, that there is a God and that I want him to take control. I’ve also listed my wrongs, resentments and fears and admitted them to another. Through this I have now become more aware of my defects of character are and because of my new found awareness I should be ready to have God help me in removing them. This readiness step six talks about is what steps 1-5 have prepared me for and unless I’m ready I’ll never accept that there is more work to do, and that brings us to step 7.

Step 7 states that I’m to humbly ask the God of my understanding to remove all these shortcomings that I’m now aware of. I should be ready at this point, I mean I’ve worked 1-5 and now I’ve told myself that I’m ready for the work ahead. Step 7 is work, it’s never ending work in fact. I can ask God all day to remove my shortcomings, however unless I’m willing (or ready)I’ll never accept Gods help. I can’t expect to wake up, hit my knees and go about my day like everything is fine. I have to take my new awareness and do something with it, I have to improve myself. For so long I lied, manipulated and stole, now I can see that thanks to steps 4 and 5. I’ll never be perfect and I’m going to fall short everyday but I can continue to improve myself with hard work and Gods help.

Steps 6 and 7 are the work I do every day, they are the blocks I build on to make myself a better person. Just two paragraphs? I don’t understand it but I trust the process and do what I have to do. I go to a step 6 and 7 study every week, I hit my knees every day and ask God for his help, I talk to my sponsor and I do my 10th step. All of those correlate to a stronger recovery and stronger connection with God. I love steps 6 and 7, I love my life today.


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