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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-25-19 | By

Self-Help Books are Out. Online Memberships Are In. Here’s Why.

Read self-help books, we’re changed.

Sounds like a great plan, but we all know that finding our way to a new and improved self isn’t quite that simple. It take’s action and practice on our part. We feel a rush of motivation to become better, faster, wiser, and smarter. We go online and order a number of books, read them, only to finish the books or put them down and a few weeks later not put the skills we learned into action.

Though, what lies in the problem lies in our motivation in the first place. We typically zero in on a certain flaw or character defect of ours as the primary goal and benefit of reading it. However, joining an online course or a monthly membership to one, and utilizing that membership, can reap a number of benefits that are as equally as important as that character flaw you were trying to rid of in the first place.

If you always find yourself putting off the reading, or you always find yourself putting off those gratitude lists until “tomorrow,” read on to learn about some of the overlooked advantages of joining an online membership:

Forge New Relationships

Meeting different people and joining different groups doesn’t stop at social media sites, and we all know we can’t stay sober alone. Those with the same common goal of recovery tend to join other online communities exchanging questions, doubts, fears, and ideas. Joining these conversations and groups can offer a more detailed insight on where each course is leading to, developing tight bonds with others.

Information Retention

Online courses can help individuals retain and comprehend more information with images, videos, and more. Additionally, displaying information in well-crafted ways can lead to better understanding of learning content more than taking notes or listening to someone speak. Hands on experience and real-life examples and personalized stories given can also help to understand concepts better.

Find Support and Motivation

It can be easy when we’re busy in the week to lose the motivation we gained on Sunday night as we got ready for the week. By reading daily motivations, we stay on track and continue to the momentum for the week. Continuing to work on ourselves we can continually stay motivated.

Easier to Fit Into Your Schedule

Online courses make it so much easier to fit things into your schedule. You interact and read up on course material on a plane or a car ride. Respond to comments while you’re sitting in a coffee shop or waiting for an appointment. You can even stop in the middle of the course and come back at a convenient time. If you already have a full schedule, online courses are the perfect solution.

Adding Insurance On Your Sobriety

Had to stay late at work today? Couldn’t get to the meeting because you don’t have a babysitter? We know that the days turn into weeks and sometimes when you miss one meeting, you miss a whole week. While life can get in the way, it’s crucial to remember to put your sobriety first. Checking your email and logging online for at least ten minutes a day to get your fill can add accountability, assurance, and affirm the continued work and dedication your continuing to contribute to your sobriety.

Self-Discipline and Responsibility

It’s true that learning online requires more self-motivation and time-management skills. However, who doesn’t need more of those? Because you’re spending a lot of time on your own without someone close to keep you focused, the online course will not only enhance your sobriety, but help you become more self-motivated, which can then effect all areas of your life. These traits can typically make you stand out from the rest.

12 Step Isn’t For Everyone

Doesn’t not attending 12-step meetings mean you’re not sober? Of course not. While some choose to partake in online courses in addition to attending meetings, some choose to practice different ways to maintain their sobriety. As long as we’re doing something to improve ourselves on a daily basis is what matters.


With four distinct and separate courses, daily motivations, and monthly chats, these online courses can be catered to your needs. Want to learn about something that you don’t see? Send us an email, and we’ll get an expect to discuss it. With distinguished drug and alcohol counselors, we’ve been through the road blocks of sobriety ourselves and have been educated about it. We know what works, and we’ll show you the path.

Anytime, Anywhere

By choosing to delve into your sobriety online, you can choose your own environment that works best for your needs. Maybe it’s your bedroom, your living room, or a cafe a couple of blocks away. If you live where it snows, or don’t have transportation, getting daily motivations, attending online meetings and taking online courses is as simple as opening up your computer or unlocking your phone. No soggy shoes or rain soaked jackets for you. Hello comfort city! You can learn and absorb information from the comfort of your home. Additionally, sometimes the fear of judgment of ourselves and others can keep us stuck in distraction and fear. Processing these fears, doubts, and goals can help us get there in the comfort of our homes.

Sobriety Engine is a community, resource center and accountability group designed to help all of us stay sober and build the lives we’ve always dreamed of having!

What Do You Get When You Join Sobriety Engine? Learn more here.




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