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Outpatient Drug Rehab Services

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Attending an outpatient drug rehab is much more than attending a group once a day. Outpatient is often a step down from a long and thorough treatment process. Assuming that the end goal is for a client to achieve and maintain long term sobriety, outpatient is often a vital and necessary next step.

Deciding to get help for an addiction is one of the most important choices you or a loved one can make. Addiction is a deadly disease and most need help to stop.

This is a important decision and one should educate themselves on exactly what goes into attending an outpatient drug rehab and what the steps after outpatient treatment are. The team at Sober Nation is 100% committed to helping you along your path.

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What Should I Expect When Attending Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient rehab is not a one size fits all process. There are many different factors to consider when deciding your best path. Some questions to consider may be.

  • What facilities will accept my insurance?
  • Do I need to find a gender specific or a co-ed outpatient facility?
  • What are the hours in which I can dedicate myself?
  • Do I need to make travel or work arrangements?
  • How long should I consider attending outpatient treatment?

Every case is different and our main priority is to find a facility that fits your individual needs.

Another factor to consider is the specific drug type that you or your loved one is struggling with. Different drug addiction require different treatment approaches. Some side effects of specific drugs can take weeks or even months to completely subside.

Additionally, it may take time for the brain chemistry of the afflicted individual to return to normal. These are all common occurrences with people who have struggled with drug abuse and matching the right outpatient drug rehab to your individual needs could be the difference between a short stint at sobriety and a healthy sober life full of contentment and happiness.

What If It Is a Loved One or Family Member Who Needs Help?

Often times it is a family member who is searching for an outpatient treatment center for a loved one. This may complicate the process slightly, but Sober Nation is experienced in dealing with this situation and we will guide you through the process.

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First, let’s go through a check list before we act.

Has your loved one already attended an inpatient drug rehab?

If the family member has already attended an inpatient rehab program, the logical next choice is a step down to outpatient. At this point the client will have a little bit more freedom but will still be attending intense group counseling, one on one counseling and routine drug testing to ensure that he or she is still clean and sober.

Does your family member need an intervention?

If so it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional interventionist. Sober Nation works with experienced an success driven interventionist that know how to control an emotionally turbulent situation while working with the family to get t

Is he or she willing to go on their own accord?

In some cases, the person in need will be not be willing to go to treatment. A person must be willing to go to outpatient treatment on their own free will.

Are they a danger to themselves or anyone around them?

However, if the person is a danger to themselves or to someone else, there are laws in place that can get people the help they need. For questions call out hotline.

Should they attend treatment in a new location or do they need to stay close to home?

It is often recommended that a recovering addict attention outpatient treatment in a location that is not in the area that drugs were used. People, places and things can set off triggers and can bring about impulsive behaviors. Although traveling for treatment is not always an option, if the option is there we recommend you take it.

Again, these are all questions that do make an impact on the final decision. The best option for you is to call the Sober Nation hotline and we will help you make any arrangements necessary to make sure the person you love has a shot at recovery.

What Is My Next Step?

The time has come to make a decision.

It is important to take the expert advice from the Sober Nation team and make an educated decision from that point forward. The mistake to avoid is to prolong any decision making because you are unsure. Trust the experts, trust the professionals and understand that this is a choice that will make a difference on the rest of your life.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact.

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