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Family Drug and Alcohol Interventions

drug and alcohol interventionist

The reality is that most addicts are not initially willing to get help. This is why the work of addiction interventionists is so important.

Sadly, most addicts and alcoholics are convinced that they are able to maintain their drug use. Many addicts suffer from the illusion of control, they believe that their drug use is not affecting anyone negatively and many times they believe that they can stop “whenever they want.” For family members who have seen a loved one suffer from addiction, we know that this is rarely the case.

In many cases, an intervention is a lifesaving service that will show the addict, and the family members the reality of the situation. Without an intervention, the addict or family members may become resentful towards each other which only compounds the problem. Getting professional help is always the best option.

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How Exactly Do Interventions Work?

People often seek out an intervention when conventional conversation fails to reveal the addiction problem to the afflicted individual.

An intervention is a planned attempt or meeting in which friends, family and loved ones gather with the intent of convincing an addict to admit into treatment. With the help of an intervention professional, family and loved ones will have the opportunity to speak openly about how the addicts actions have affected them and most importantly, to show that what they are doing is out of love.

The Typical Process for an Intervention

Every intervention is different. The family dynamic and the personality of the people involved is always something to be aware of. With that being said, the process for an intervention generally follows the same steps, procedures, and guidelines. For professional help call 1 866 317-7050.

Step 1 – Discussion with family and preparation.

One of the keys to a successful intervention is executing on a tightly planned process. One of the reasons it is so important to hire a professional interventionist is because these situations are highly emotional. The interventionist will establish control, but it is also important that the family maintains emotional control. For this to happen, planning is key.

These preliminary discussions will give the interventionist the ammunition required to execute the plan effectively.

Step 2 – Engaging the Intervention

Right from the beginning, the addict will feel betrayed and tricked. This will lead to an initially volatile situation. A proper intervention should always begin with the reassurance that the event is being staged out of love, caring, and compassion. The entire process has one goal in mind.

The goal is for the addict to openly admit on his or own accord that he or she has a drug problem. Once this happens, the next step can begin. However, many times on the fly adjustments need to be made. Again, a professional is trained to maintain composure in these situations to ensure control.

By the end of the intervention, the addict will be transported to either a detox or a drug rehab facility.

Step 3 – Continuing the Treatment Process

Hopefully, the intervention is a success. The majority of interventions end with the addict admitting there is a problem and admitting themselves into treatment.

Once this happens, the treatment process is an important beginning step in long-term recovery. It is always recommended that an addict attends treatment for at least 30 days, and then following up their treatment with an aftercare program is also recommended.

Treatment is just the beginning process of a lifelong journey in recovery. Freedom from addiction and obsession will lead to a beautiful life full of love and amazing experiences. An intervention is the jump start needed to help a loved one find long term sobriety.

Following Up After a Successful Intervention

The intervention professionals at Sober Nation will always follow up with the family and with the recovering individual. This follow-up serves two purposes…

First, we will address any other needs, challenges and questions the family has. It can be very uncomfortable to know what to say, how to act and how to behave around a loved one who is just returning from treatment. It is important to set boundaries while simultaneously providing love and support. We will help you along this path.

Second, we hold ourselves personally responsible for creating and implementing a long-term plan of recovery. The first year is when the recovery addict is most vulnerable, so a well thought out plan of 12 step meetings, counseling and possibly case monitoring is discussed.

Every person will have different needs and wants and our main priority is to assist the family and the recovering addict in whatever way we can.

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