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Case Monitoring

The first year of sobriety is scary. Sober Nation will guide you down the right the path.

case monitoring

It’s no secret that the first year of one’s recovery is where most of the relapses occur. Statistically speaking, if a recovering addict can get through the first year of recovery, then his or her chances of retaining long-term sobriety increase drastically.

One of the issues of inpatient treatment is that it is hard to prepare for living a sober life in the real world. People who are serious about sobriety complete a step-down model in which they attend outpatient treatment after completing their full inpatient stay. The fact is that the first year of sobriety is challenging, even for people who complete this entire step-down model.

Our 12 month Guardian Case Monitoring program uses weekly interactions with a client and their selected support network through structured and consistent phone calls to help better capture a sense of their recovery.

Relieves Stress on the Family

  • Weekly communication to family members.
  • Peace of mind on a loved one’s progress in recovery.
  • Removes the burden of monitoring and “hovering.”

Put the Needs of the Patient First

  • Open support line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Helps to celebrate success and well as cope with challenges.
  • Supports personal accountability¬†and responsibility.
  • Provides tools and coping skills to increase the potential for life-long recovery.
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Case Monitoring Is Like Having a Personal Recovery Coach

To say again, getting through the first year is crucial. Old addict behaviors are tough to break and one may not be completely armed with all the tools of recovery. A case monitoring program will help with this transition.

Imagine a year-long plan of attack. The case monitoring programs is designed to get the family involved as well as lay out a 12-month plan with benchmarks and expectations. Lifelong recovery does not seem to be such an uphill battle when you have a plan and a case monitoring professional guiding you through your path.

Meet Our Trusted Case Monitors

Joshua Scott, CNDAI, CAC

Gina Metrano, BA

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