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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-30-11 | By

Drug Addiction and Recovery Through the Internet

The Internet is Providing Resources for Recovering Addicts

People who are addicted to drugs and looking for a way out of the self-perpetrating cycle of hell may want to assess the situation that others throughout the blogosphere are experiencing in their personal confrontation with their addiction, recovery and rehab. Blogs are reporting and sharing information about drug addiction, drug use and all aspects of illicit drug abuse on a global scale. The internet also provides resources for all types of addictions or mental disorders.

onine resources for addiction

With an ever increasing database filled with the real life experiences of people whose lives have been ruined by drug addiction, the internet is proving to be a cohesive force of unity fostering common empathy from the diverse multitude who have been deceived and entrapped in this snare. Demonic in nature, drug addiction historically in fact ignites a cycle of self-destruction on the psyche of any who dare cross that boundary where light becomes dark and the death dance that is drug addiction takes hold of the mind, body and soul.

If only they could have heard these stories of drug addiction that their brothers and sisters who are sharing real life events from the first casual, then causal use of opiates, cocaine, crack, heroin, speed, acid, meth, crystal, rock….now shout out. The blogosphere performs the job that no war on drugs could ever hope to achieve in informing those fortunate uninitiated innocents of their personal, real time based, day to day struggle with the gnawing raw craving of drug addiction.

They will best let all who have had a curiosity about this drug or that have a premonition of what life becomes when crossing over that invisible line of demarcation from sanity to the insanity be warned. Listen good. Let these people’s warning, coming from that insatiable need to compulsively  and obsessively self inflict pain, even with the foreknowledge of certain death, be a word to the wise. Escape from that which has proven to possess an element of suicidal seduction sucking the life force from those who dare take that plunge into darkness’ heart.

The Internet is Spreading New Ideas about Recovery

Now with the blogosphere new venues for open hearts to project their experience with drug addiction outward, in an ongoing attempt to guide, warn and protect those who have not experienced the kiss of death from any one of these illicit street drugs, is spreading with greater force. This is very positive good news, that this tool for honest communication now exists which may prove to be useful in determining factors that define one’s outcome in life.

They say, “too soon we grow old and too late we grow smart,” but if we can trust the words of recovering drug addicts, who, as service to others, part of their credo for combating their addiction, extol the warnings of certain substances, many will be able to circumvent the peddlers of death and their attempts to harness young minds and enslave them for profit.

The blogosphere with its pictures of the details of everyday life lived as a drug addict has tremendous potential as a healing tool in the ongoing battle against drug addiction, which ultimately for each one must begin within. As part of a self-help drug addiction recovery effort, starting a blog detailing a personal experience of drug addiction and recovery may prove to be a powerful deterrent to relapse.

The internet is proving to be a place in which people can come together and share their experiences with each other.  However you find the means to recover from addiction, is what we suggest. There is no right or wrong way to get clean, but it is always suggested that you reach out and find a support group. Support is unquestionable in its importance, and it is very difficult to do this alone.


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