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Putting Recovery On The Map

12-04-16 | By

3 Fun Ways to Face Addiction

Plan Dinner, Watch a Movie, and Listen on the Go.


What’s up #recoverywarriors!?

It has been a long time since I have had the chance to write to all of you here in Sober Nation and I am pumped to be back at it.  I am about to share some really exciting ways we can work together as a community.

Here at Rise Together we are helping to create a movement of young people by…

  • Educating – through storytelling
  • Engaging –  young people to become advocates of change
  • Empowering – youth through education

Every year Rise Together educates over 40,000 students directly in the community they are from. We have found that education isn’t only empowering youth to stand up and speak out on the issues they care about; breaking the silence around suicide, bullying, mental illness, drugs & alcohol.

Over the past 3 years, after educating 120,000 people, we have learned a lot and now we are sharing our experiences, our research, with everyone we can in hopes to make a larger difference; together.

To further these efforts, today’s goal is to help empower YOU by providing you with 3 easy ways to face addiction in your community by:

  1. Downloading the “Facing Addiction Over Dinner” tool kit
  2. Screening the revolutionary film Generation Found
  3. Educating your community with Rise & Grind Recovery Radio – now a top recovery podcast on iTunes

Below you will find ways to…

  • Plan your dinner
  • Screen a movie
  • And listen to recovery on the go!

So whether you are at home, at work, at school, or traveling about in your community, you are now better equipped to face addiction wherever you are!

It’s time for a compassionate conversation about alcohol, drugs, and health. Click image to get started.


Generation Found has expanded their movie release so anyone now can experience this powerful film in their city! Single Screen Rentals or FREE rentals now available


Now a recovery radio podcast on iTunes, Rise & Grind is also available via our blog, feed, WTAQ 97.5FM, and soon to be on Spotify. Listen to leaders from all over the nation & take action now by tuning in*


And if that is not enough watch & share this amazing educational video from our friends over at 


Have an awesome day!


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