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Putting Recovery On The Map

02-09-18 | By

Philadelphia, What Are You Doing?!


Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s give a huge shout out to the Philadelphia Eagles who won the Super Bowl last Sunday! But.. uhh.. the night of the big win, Broad street was a “shit show” to say the least. Have you seen the videos? Let’s put the Super Bowl win aside for a second – that night the city looked eerily similar to my alcoholism run rampant. Each person seemed to mimic a piece of my addiction. Except my life was a desperate plea disguised as a celebration.

  • The people who lit a Christmas tree on fire? My life literally looked like a torched Christmas tree walking down the street.
  • The people looting gas stations? I would have stolen your wallet and payed for your dinner.. with your money. But it wasn’t all destruction and damage:
  • There was a guy who proposed in the middle of the street. I think I literally hit on everyone that had short hair and a face.
  • And lastly, those people eating actual horse feces? Well, I don’t remember everything I ate while I was blacked out, but I know I ate a lot of Taco Bell.

Thank God I don’t have to go back there again. How did you celebrate the super bowl?

Have a safe and sober weekend!

Tori Skene

San Francisco To Open Drug Injection Sites

The San Francisco Health Commission is currently underway to open the first safe injection site in the United States. On Tuesday, the commission voted unanimously to support the opening of two sites where individuals can use drugs intravenously in a safe environment.

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The Sobriety Engine

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Sara, You Inspire Us!

Sarah submitted her sober story. In her own words: “I was face to face with death… beat up and left alone with no one to help. Today my life is full and bright.”

Help thousands by submitting your story.

Surprising Facts About Marijuana

Even as a schedule I drug, more and more states are beginning to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. As this continues to happen it is crucial to to get to knows the ins and outs of this prevalent drug.

It’s weird, it’s unpredictable, and it’s linked with schizophrenia (yes, really).

The Other Side Of Fear

I believe that when we step through fear, God’s greatest gifts surround us. New Lyfe’s T-shirt of the week was created by Tim to remind us that fear can inhibit us from living to our fullest potential, and it’s quite frankly, one of my favorite designs.

Fear Is A Liar

We Went LIVE.

We went live on Tuesday, and are doing it again next Tuesday. We want to hear from YOU. What questions do you have? What do you want to see more of. Want to hear some stories?

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Talking Openly About Recovery

In this video, Tim talks about breaking the stigma of addiction, and the fears that come along with posting about your sobriety, and how you can do it. Check it out.



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