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Putting Recovery On The Map

11-11-17 | By

Need A Hand?


Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week. While we’ve been keeping quiet about this, I’m so stoked to say we’ve finally launched our second Sobriety Engine course called 7 Days To A More Spiritual Life. I hope you guys benefit from it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Lately, my mind has been getting bogged down with odds and ends. I’ve been worrying up a storm about loved ones, friends, and even where my own life is going. It’s safe to say that I’ve been driven by fear recently. However, in the past this fear would consume me. And I don’t have to live like that anymore.

When things get like this I must remember that I’m not in control. I start to think more clearly when I actually turn things over to my Higher Power. (Thank God!) For me, in times of need, friends, family, sober supports, and God all have their hands reaching out for me. It comes out really handy – (See what I did there?) I also am able to be there for those who are struggling in return. It works in all our favors.

When I take things slowly, whether that be one day, hour, minute, or second, I start to think clearer and my reality becomes clearer. I give whatever my burdens are to my Higher Power, and I leave them there!

We’ve got some great things for you this week!

Enjoy! And you stay classy, Sober Nation!

Tim Stoddart

You Won’t Believe This! (Or Maybe You Will)

In recent news in regards to the opioid epidemic, the figurehead of a multi-million dollar Pharmaceutical company has been linked to bribing doctors with opiates. The story of Insys and a growing list of alleged schemes with their only FDA approved product called Subsys can teach us a lot about the sickening growing role of corporate greed in the opioid crisis.

Read How Insys is Contributing to the Epidemic

Want To Get More Spiritual?

Like we mentioned above, we’ve just released our second course on Sobriety Engine and we could not be more excited! What exactly does it mean to become more spiritual? Are you having trouble connecting with a Higher Power? Or even defining it? Incorporate some practices into your daily routine!

Sign Up For the Course, Here!

Let’s Give A Huge Shout Out To Wendy!

Wendy just celebrated five years clean and sober! She says it has been the best thing she has done for herself and that her four kids are so much happier with a sober Mom!

Read Wendy’s Story!

A Different Kind of Trip

No more Psychedelics! We love this “Far From Finished” Podcast about Bryce. In his hopeful and uplifting story, he talks about his he used to travel around to festivals, sell and take drugs. He then talks about how his life changed while pursuing recovery and how that allowed him to reconnect with his family. Bryce feels like he was able to bring his family together by just making himself better!

Listen to Bryce’s Story

It’s All About Progress

Life is not about being perfect. Life is about waking up each day and doing something different than the one before.. While striving for progress, and improving a little bit each day, we get better and become our true selves. Now you can wear this cool slogan with one of New Lyfe’s T-Shirts of the week!

Progress Not Perfection Tee

How Do You Shake The Trauma?

Most of us have gone through some traumatic events in our life, whether that be through our addictions or not. There’s no denying it stays with us and impacts our lives. This Podcast features Kat Cross who serves as the “Creator of Possibilities” for Spirit 2 Spirit Healing in Ocala, FL. Kat discusses how trauma becomes unintentionally stored at the cellular level and how those embedded experiences can be shaken loose and processed.

Releasing Trauma At A Cellular Level





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