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04-29-14 | By

The N-Bomb Has Arrived – New Synthetic Drug Sweeping the Nation

We are having trouble keeping up with all the new drugs that come out. It seems synthetic drugs are the new craze.

The latest drug is street named N-Bomb. This one looks a little more serious then recent synthetic drugs to surface. We have spent the last two days researching this new deadly drug and we have put together everything you need to know about it.

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The technical name for N-Bomb is phenethylamine. N-Bomb is extracted from mescaline, which is a natural substance in the peyote cactus. As of right now there is no way for the law to make it illegal because it is a hybrid of two banned substances. There are always loopholes in the law.

N-Bomb is ingested much like LSD. It can be taken as a paper tab, a liquid tab or even as a powder. The most common practice is a paper tab that is put under or on the tongue while the chemicals enter the blood stream.

N-Bomb is also knows as “smiles” and “25I”. The most common street name is N-Bomb which is derived from the chemical name of the drug.

The drug has been reported to have similar effects as bath salts.  As of yet there have not been any reports of violent crimes from people who were high on N-Bomb, however, the dangers of the new drug are quickly being discovered.

The drug is reported to have many common effects as other synthetic drugs. Mostly confusion, heightened awareness and paranoia. Speech is impaired as well as ability to communicate effectively. However there are reports coming in of seizures and death.

Death’s reported in North Dakota, Virginia, Louisiana and most recently in Arizona. Obviously there is much to be learned about the drug. It has been assumed that the long term effects could be of the liver, and with all psychedelics, mental disorders can surface. Right now we just don’t know enough about the drug to make any judgements.

In response to many of the deaths and hospitalizations, many states have already considered the designer drug a “Schedule 1 Controlled Substance.” This means that they have no currently accepted medical use, and a high potential for abuse.

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