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11-06-18 | By

Mac Miller’s Death Ruled Accidental, Coroner Finds

Christian Weber

On Monday, the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office released its toxicology findings regarding the death of rapper and producer, Mac Miller.

According to the report, Mac died from “mixed drug toxicity” – specifically coke, alcohol and fentanyl on September 7th in his San Fernando Valley, California home. The 26-year-old was pronounced dead on the scene, and the coroner has now categorized his death as an accidental overdose.

“Several Recent Slips”

According to TMZ, when authorities showed up to the scene, the rapper was found in a “prayer position” – kneeling forward with his face resting on his knees. An empty bottle of alcohol was found on the nightstand, and a bottle of prescription pills were found in the bathroom. The list of pills recovered in his home included Xanax, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, and Adderall.
Authorities also found a rolled-up $20 bill with white powdery residue in Mac’s right pocket, and an iPad in his home studio that had “linear white powdery residue” on it. There were also two baggies found with white powder. While the amount of each drug was not necessarily a lethal amount, it was the combinations of the drugs that killed him.
Mac Miller‘s assistant told authorities he wasn’t aware of the young rapper consuming any alcohol or substances the night prior. According to the report, “he said that Miller has been in good spirits and had many positive, on-going projects.” However, he admitted that Miller, who had a history of drug addiction, was known to abuse “alcohol, non-prescribed medication (specifically Xanax and unspecified opiates), and cocaine.” He said the rapper had “several recent ‘slips,’” the most recent being on Sept. 4. He released his fifth studio album, “Swimming,” on the month prior on August 3rd.

Public History Of Substance Abuse

Getty Images

Miller had a known public history of substance abuse including being arrested for a DUI and hit-and-run back in May after he wrecked his G-Wagon on a utility pole. Miller fled the scene but authorities stated that he later confessed when they tracked him down at his home. At the time, the rapper blew two times the legal limit. And, his then girlfriend at the time, Ariana Grande tweeted, “Pls take care of yourself” – showing extreme concern about his safety and sobriety – with his continued use ultimately leading to their breakup.

While Mac struggled with substance abuse for a number of years, it wasn’t his chemical dependency that defined him. The rapper started his journey in music as a teenager by putting out mix-tapes in his native Pittsburgh. In 2012, his first album, “Blue Slide Park,” became the first independent debut album to hit the top of the Billboard chart in more than 16 years. Miller was 19.

Mac Miller Circles Fund

Adding to his memory, last week fans and Miller’s close friends honored the late rapper with the “Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life” tribute concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The concert was also live streamed throughout the world. The concert, which featured performances by Chance the Rapper, John Mayer, and Travis Scott, marked the launch of the “Mac Miller Circles Fund,” a charity to “support youth arts and community-building programs in Mac Miller’s memory.”
Miller’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande also recently honored him in a song called “thank u, next” calling him “an angel.”

Fentanyl In The Headlines


While fentanyl has been more popular in recent years, and has been recently found  it is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and notoriously taken the life of a number of stars, including Prince and Tom Petty.

Fentanyl has been known to be cheaper and easier to obtain than other street opioid drugs, and sometimes can be used to “cut” or stretch opioid products. Fenantyl can also sometimes be passed off in counterfit pill form to mimic other opioid pain relievers such as Norco, (hydrocodone) or as a benzodiazepine like Xanax, without the buyer knowing exactly what they are buying. Fentanyl can also be combined with stimulants like cocaine to counteract the depressant effects of the opioid.

Rest in paradise, Mac. We’ll miss you.

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