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Putting Recovery On The Map

11-03-17 | By

Love this time of the year – Happy November



Happy November everyone!

I hope you all had a great Halloween! It’s safe to say now, stores will be putting the left over candy on the discount shelf and all the Christmas lights will be coming out. This time of year is all about change! After all, isn’t that the only thing constant thing in life? However, I must not forget where I came from.

When things get crazy, I remember to keep my eyes on the path ahead. My focus and my daily practices (meditation, prayer, exercise, helping other) get pushed to the front of my to do lists. We are getting towards the time of the year where we see lots of relapses, so I hope you do that same!

Anyway, let me get off my soapbox now. We’ve got some great things for you this week!

You stay classy, Sober Nation!

Much love,

Tim Stoddart

Trump Declares A National Health Emergency

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentleman. Although the President has declared a National Public Health Emergency, is that enough to conquer this opioid epidemic? And what exactly does this declaration mean?

Find out the facts here

Your Brain on Drugs – Let’s Get Weird!

This is one of our favorite Podcasts! The “Your Brain on Drugs” Podcasts dives in and debunks the myths about drug use that so many of us commonly have heard or believe. This weeks episode dives into the weird stuff! (Marijuana and Psychedelics). These drugs have stumped researchers, but why?

Dr. Ben Romoli explains why these drugs stump researchers

Dopeless Crew

It’s starting to get chilly out there! Head on over to NewLyfe Clothing Co. and stay warm in this weeks featured item, the black and orange Dopeless crew hoodie! Rocking this shirt is a way to show the world what you stand for, while staying comfy.

Get yours here!

Can Your Brain Ever Recover?

Another episode of the “Your Brain on Drugs Podcast” aired and we’re loving it! What happens when you get sober? Does your brain go back to how it used to be? This time, Dr. Scott Salomone discusses what addiction does to your brain and how you can heal!

Educate yourselves, people!

Jump Start Your Recovery!

There’s no doubt that life gets crazy, and we can’t stay sober on yesterday’s actions. Everyday counts and that’s what our 30 day online course can help with. Read through a course each day, and take a little bit of time for YOU. Ready to start?

Jump Start Your Recovery Course


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