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Long Term Effects of Crack

Cocaine Addiction

What are the Long Term Effects of Crack Use?

Crack refers to crack cocaine, which is freebase cocaine. Smoking crack can have a variety of short term effects, and it mostly makes the user feel euphoric and energetic. The long term effects of crack, however, can be very serious. The seriousness of the long term effects are directly related to how much crack a person uses and how often, as well as their own individual body chemistry and any pre-existing conditions. Here’s a look at some of the risks.

long term effects of crack

Long Term Effects of Crack on the Body

Smoking crack can have a lot of long term effects on a user’s body, and most of them are related to the smoking aspect itself. Long term effects of crack smoking include things like cancer of the lungs, throat, or mouth, and respiratory diseases related to inhaling smoke. Smoking a crack pipe can also cause burns and blisters on a person’s mouth, lips, or fingers, which could lead to permanent scarring or marks.

Smoking crack can also cause permanent lung damage. Crack restricts the flow of oxygen to the lungs, and this can cause scarring in the lungs, trouble breathing, chronic cough, and pain.

Long term effects of crack could also be caused by other substances that are mixed with the cocaine. Crack is rarely smoked in its pure form, and any type of substance could have been added. The toxicity of the various chemicals that could be found in crack can also result in a variety of long term effects that depend on the type of substance.

Crack can increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure, and this can lead to long term cardiovascular complications, such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. People who are high have a tendency to scratch and pick their skin, which can cause permanent scars.

Long Term Effects of Crack on the Mind

Crack affects the dopamine system in a person’s brain, and dopamine is related to a person’s mood. In the long term, crack could cause permanent damage to the brain that could result in depression, anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis. When a person is withdrawing from crack cocaine, they can become depression, psychotic, violent, or desperate to get more crack, and those effects worsen over time and with more frequent use. Long term effects can also include hallucination and other psychotic conditions.

Other Long Term Effects of Crack

Crack is a powerfully addictive substance, and the most significant long term effects are often related to addiction. If a person develops an addiction to crack, they may engage in risky behaviors while high or in order to get more of the drug, such as unprotected sex or violent behavior. Risky behavior can cause accidents, injuries, or the contraction of diseases with potentially long term or permanent effects.

A crack addiction can also cause damage to a person in many areas of life. Problems with relationships, school, work, money, and the law could become serious, lifelong issues. Babies who are born to mothers who smoked crack while pregnant may also have significant developmental and cognitive deficiencies in their lives.

15 responses to “Long Term Effects of Crack

  • Timothy Judge

    11 years ago

    It is very irresponsible to use these images which could act as trigger. I would have “shared” if it had been possible without the photo.

    • Crack cocaine was studied in Peru by the CIA. They saw how it was destroying the Peruvian middle-class. They knew exactly what they were doing when they brought crack into the US and dumped it into minority hoods!
      When the San Jose Mercury news on the west coast exposed our government and the CIA’s activities regarding their interactions with Nicaragua’s Contra/Sandinista war. “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine ExplosionJun 8, 1999
      by Gary Webb and Maxine Waters”. Investigative reporter GGaryy Webb paid for ‘his’ news with his life. Many unknowing drug users have been incarcerated, sickened, poisoned, murdered by police and had their whole lives destroyed. The government knew what they were doing and the increases of weapons in the hoods was also no accident. All drugs are harmful but crack cocaine and heroine are by far our worst drug epidemics. We are all paying for the crack epidemic. Guess who the real culprits are?


    10 years ago

    Timothy, get over it, more ppl need to be informed, hopefully a user watchin will not be triggered but, thnk about savin their dam life……they dont need a picture as an excuse to get hgh…..

  • Christina T

    8 years ago

    This is all true. I know from expierence though, when you’ve been smoking all night n you’re done n come down, you get a migraine from smoking the copper chor. Also heartburn, you wake up the next morning soaked in sweat. Then on top of smoking, you need a downer to take later to bring you down. (Herion, Xanax, etc etc) it’s one hell of a drug and can shatter your life and spend every dollar you’ve ever saved in one night ????????????????

  • Chief here
    I used crack for 17 of my 51 years alive and I must say, I am quite fucked up mentally and physically now that I quit cold turkey back in 2010 with a short relapse with a new clean date of 08 23 2012. If you or any one you even slightly care about wants to try it, or is into it, tell them they better be ready to give everything but their soul to the shit. Good day to all.

  • Hello all,

    I am a crack cocaine abuser and have been for many years now. I found this website searching for information on the affects of crack cocaine abuse. It is refreshing to read the comments and feedback regarding this form of drug abuse and I’m thankful for sites like this one. Researching and learning about this subject is helping me change my perceptions of the drug and has helped combat the urge to use. I have read that wisdom and knowledge is the stability of our times and I most certainly can use more stability in my life. Thank you all for sharing.


  • charlotte wise

    7 years ago

    I’m a crack cocaine user and I have been for 18yrs I’m just going through all the shit that comes with trying to get of it and the withdrawal symptoms of it.?
    I’ve recently been through a rough last 2-3 years with my mental health issues which have almost destroyed my life HONESTLY!!!!!?????……..
    So my advice to anyone and everyone who is thinking of taking crack cocaine. Please please please run as fast as you can and as far as you can in the opposite direction and don’t touch it. It’s the worst thing you will ever ever do and before you know it your life will be over. Believe me I know ?
    Don’t Don’t Don’t.?

  • charlotte wise

    7 years ago

    Anyone who has any advice on how to get of or what was useful for them getting of then please please don’t forget to send me a reply I’d really appreciate it ?
    Thanks ?

    • People were praying for me and one early morning after smoking crack all night and realizing it was gone, I just sat there feeling like an empty shell and feeling dead on the inside. I drove to work somehow and tried to work. I coudn’t work. I called a friend who told me to go to detox. I went there and slept it off after being evaluated. I woke up and decide d to go to rehab. I was truly done. I had faith in Jesus Christ but had turned away from Him and the Father God. I cried out to him to help me and He did. I had some respiratory health issues for a long while but now am doing much better. I am part of a gospel preaching church where others have helped me. I am about 20 years sober. I started with a super healthy diet, even did herbs for detoxing and vitamins. Also, completely severed ties with drug dealers and drug using friends in the early days. I did reunite with a couple of friends who were getting sober, too. Take the first step and cry out to God! He will take the desire away and that will get easier with some time. You have to HATE this drug! I WILL PRAY FOR YOU!

    • I smoked on and off for 20 years until I surenderd my will and my life to Jesus Christ. He delivered me and I’ve been clean since 2009. I will keep you in prayer

  • Suzanne Young

    7 years ago

    My brother in law and my sister in law have been clean for 17 years now. However, my husband continues to relapse over the last 20 years. It has caused him time in multiple jail stays and treatment centers. He is currently in a 9 month treatment center at the age of 50. It has reaked havoc on our relationship, our finances and most importantly, our teenage children. I have learned how not to enable him. He has a heart for the Lord and has ministered to so many. He hates this addiction and what it does. Are we EVER going to be free of this Hell??? His mind has been so effected that he is paranoid all of the time, accusing me of cheating, liening, etc. I am the most devoted wife.

    • I’m so sorry sweetie it’s very pain full my husband has just passed from this doing this drug on and off in his life I myself had no knowledge of the drug Thank God until my husband relapsed that’s when the he’ll begin he passed the drug broke his body down he passed may 25/2017 may he Rest In Peace ??

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