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      09-27-12 | By

      Legalize! or not…

      I was recently asked my opinion on the topic of the legalization of marijuana. I’m here to say that I don’t have the slightest idea what to do about this. If you asked me a couple years ago I would have said “Hellll yea man. Legalize! Weed ain’t even a drug anyway…” and then I would have spilled bong water on myself and completely forgotten the topic of discussion. Today, my take on things is a little different.


      Marijuana is a gateway drug. If marijuana didn’t exist I would never have continued on to cocaine, excessive boozing, and intravenous heroin use. It is all marijuana’s fault. I wasn’t born with a disease. I simply traveled through the gateway of weed and emerged a heroin addict on the other side. I never had a void inside me that I was trying to fill with drugs until I ripped that first bubbler. If you are reading this and find my last couple of statements absurd, then I applaud you. You understand. If you read that and thought, “My goodness! That poor boy! There goes another victim of the evil marijuana plant” then you are clueless. There are no gateway drugs. My gateway drug is oxygen, because as long as I live and breathe I will always suffer from an affliction that leaves me wanting more. It started the day I was born. Weed didn’t do this to me. God blessed me with this disease. It’s because of this disease that I have the tools to deal with problems that everybody has. Not everybody has a problem with Heroin. There are plenty of people who get frustrated during tax season. For me, the solution to the heroin and tax time frustration problems, are one and the same. My point here as it pertains to marijuana is that it does not turn people into addicts. There are people that would have you believe Marijuana is the gateway to all other sins. That weed is the root of all evil. It’s simply not true.

      Is marijuana a drug? Absolutely. 100%. You cannot tell me the stuff doesn’t mess you up. I’ve smoked some weed that got me a little buzzed, and I’ve also smoked some stuff that gave me a panic attack at a Dave Matthews concert. It is extremely difficult to have a panic attack at a Dave Matthews concert. I know writers and musicians who can do amazing things while stoned. In my experience, these people are the minority. Most high people I know think they’re doing amazing things, but really they are sitting in their bedrooms or their parent’s garage not doing much of anything. Weed can rob you of your ambition. It can make sitting around and doing nothing an acceptable and welcome “activity”. Knowing this I try to imagine an America where pot is legal. Nobody would do anything. To be honest when I’m 65 years old I would like to depend on ambitious young people rather than a bunch of stoners.

      I’m conflicted on this issue to say the least. Do I think pot is dangerous? No. Not physically. Referring to a very stoned person somebody once said, “You mighta thought he was dead, He ain’t dead! He gonna wake up in 30 minutes hungry enough to eat up everything in your kitchen!” Nobody has ever overdosed from weed (although if you told me that while I was at that Dave concert I would have called you a liar and started crying). Is it a gateway drug? It is not. Listen, if your son started smoking weed and eventually started doing heroin I’ve got news for you. YOUR SON IS A JUNKIE. WEED DID NOT DO THIS TO HIM. GO TO A MEETING. Although I do think pot is dangerous in a different sort of way. You can buy alcohol at the age of 21, I would assume the same would apply for pot. Now I don’t know about anybody else but I was drinking when I was 15 and I had no problem finding the stuff. I had slightly more difficulty finding pot. I think of the ease in which I found alcohol, and I think of the teens of our country finding pot with the same ease. It kind of scares me. Should we legalize pot because it doesn’t kill you? No. Should it remain illegal because it’s a dangerous gateway drug? No. If you need weed for medical, educational or some other legitimate reason that I don’t know about, then you should have it. Other than that, put the Funyuns down, get up off the couch, and focus on something else. If you couldn’t tell, the legalization of Marijuana isn’t something I think about often. Somebody may tell me that I should be very concerned with the future of our nation. That if we legalize pot we could raise our GDP by a couple basis points. Or that if we legalize pot the country will go to hell in a hand basket. Either of those results may or may not be true. Something I’ve come to accept over the last few years is that I cannot control everything. All I can do is try to be a productive member of society and I know I can’t do that if I’m stoned all the time.


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