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Putting Recovery On The Map

10-14-17 | By

Going to a Music Festival Sober – Hullaween 2017


A music festival usually isn’t the first thing to come to mind when someone is talking about being sober or in recovery; rightfully so. Drugs are pretty damn common at most music festivals; mollyecstasymushroomsacid and weed are the most prevalent. Beers are being cracked and wine bags are being slapped as often as high fives. Does anyone go to a music festival like Hullaween sober? If so how do they do it?

This will be my first year at Hulaween and I am choosing to go to this festival totally clean and sober. No beer, no weed, no nothing. I’m no stranger to music festivals, I’ve been to dozens, this will be my first time going without any mood or mind altering substances. I have a lot of friends who are recovering addicts and alcoholics who I have gone to multiple festivals with, so I want to experience this festival the way they do.

The Sober People At Music Festivals

I’m hoping to have the opportunity and the privilege to sit down with those who do Hulaween sober. Some of these people are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who choose to live everyday sober, others made the decision that I have and just stay clean for Hulaween.

Having attended Bonnaroo 4 times, each time with sober members in my group I am very familiar with the sober support they have set up there.

The guys and gals over at Soberoo help hundreds of recovering addicts/alcoholics stay clean during their stay at Bonnaroo. Soberoo officially started in 2009, but have been there helping people stay clean since 2002. They host 4 meetings a day for all patrons, these meetings are free to attend and are 100% anonymous. Average attendance per meeting is around 50-75 people.

These meetings are a safe place for the attendees to speak freely about their experiences and ask for advice. Some people will talk about their current day or past days at ‘Roo, while others will share their stories. These groups have an amazing energy and the amount of support among the meetings is astounding. They also host 2 meetings a day for the artists and the crew, these are not open to general admission.

Soberoo isn’t just limited to Bonnaroo, they go to over a dozen major festivals throughout the US, helping thousands of people a year stay sober at music festivals. Festivals like Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Panorama, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning in a Bottle and Governors Ball. Their name changes depending on the festival, but it’s usually just the festival name with “sober” added to it. I’m assuming Hulaween’s will be something like Soberween or similar.

If you are in recovery and on the fence about going to Hulaween because you have a fear of losing your sobriety just know there is support there. Feel free to email me directly and we can meet up. I’d be happy to introduce you to some amazing people to make the best of your experience. You can and will have an amazing time at Hulaween in sobriety.


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