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Putting Recovery On The Map

02-13-17 | By

Going Greek in Recovery – SCS #6

Being in a fraternity or sorority can be like having a second family. They literally call each other brothers and sisters! The purpose of a greek organization is to help you develop into a better person and hold each other accountable to higher standards. But if you look at the news, you see some examples of how they fail to uphold those ideals.  So if you’re a college student in recovery, hopefully, we can help you decide if you should go greek.

I never pledged to a fraternity… sometimes I was glad about that. Other times I wished that I had joined one. There seem to be some cool perks about being a brother with thousands of people across the nation. But let’s take a look at both sides and hear from some people other than myself.


Community – People on campus you’ll become best friends with. People across the country you can count on.

Professional Development – Experience being on a team. You’ll learn how to be well-liked and how to get other people to join your organization. It’s a great skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Events – Participate in homecoming, get to hear inspiring speakers, etc.

Meeting Others – They make it easy to meet other people. Have socials and even if you’re not good at getting a date… sometimes you’re just set up with people from within the greek system because you’ve got a social with another fraternity or sorority.

T-shirts – If you like clothes and stuff, you’ll get a lot of it.

Instant Connection – anywhere in the country


Drama – It’s a small tight-knit community. You’re gonna hear about other people’s crap.

Drinking – Many greek organizations get a bad rep because they use alcohol to develop bonds with their members.

Costs – You’ve got to pay dues. Lots of people who aren’t greek say, “I’m not going to pay to have friends!”

Last week I was working with students in recovery at The University of Georgia, one of them joined a fraternity and it contributed to his addiction to alcohol. By getting sober and joining the Collegiate Recovery Program on campus, he basically got a new fraternity that fit with his new lifestyle.

Finding the right community is a big component of your personal growth and happiness. Make sure to dip your toes in the water before diving in.


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