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Putting Recovery On The Map

01-05-18 | By

God Gave Me A Sign… Literally


Happy Friday, Nation!

My 2017 came crashing to a literal halt when I was about to go out on New Year’s Eve and got into a car accident. Luckily, nobody was hurt. I knocked over an apartment complex sign and at the time, I was having a mini-panic attack. No, I was not drunk, or high, but I was looking down at my phone. (Never doing that again). The next day I woke up laughing and extremely grateful. No, not because my insurance expenses are going to go sky-rocketing, but because:

  • My Higher Power has impeccable timing
  • My Higher Power has a twisted sense of humor
  • My Higher Power wanted me to stay in

I was already sick and not feeling well. I thought twice about meeting up with some friends, but decided to go. Fortunately and unfortunately after the accident I decided not to. That night a couple of those friends decided to relapse. I’m grateful I stayed in. Some might call that luck, I call that my Higher Power.

Have you ever had a coincidence that you thought was your Higher Power?

Let me know and here’s what you missed this week.

Stay serene,

Tori Skene

TV’s Best Addicts

We’ve put together a list of our favorite addicts and alcoholics from the silver screen and some of them we can definitely relate to. Are any of your favorite characters on here?

Don Draper Takes The Number One Spot

Get Spiritual

A vital part of recovery requires spirituality. We’ve created our second course on Sobriety Engine,and can’t wait for you to check it out! This course offers a week’s worth of practical lessons, feedback, exercises and readings designed to guide you on a path of self-discovery.

7 Days To A More Spiritual Life

Drinking Buddies

Can two alcoholics recover together? Can you quit drinking even if your spouse doesn’t? In this week’s Shair Podcast, Colleen describes the dynamic between alcohol and family/marital relationships.

An Alcoholic Marriage

Beautiful, Elegant, and Edgy

“When I was growing up, my mom had pictures and statues of ballerina’s all over the house. I’ve always had a thing for dancers. One of the first concepts I ever had was to make a beautiful ballerina who was edgy.” Tim created these awesome T-Shirts with those in mind.

Dream Girl

Congrats, Afton!

Afton just celebrated one year in November! Afton describes her life in addiction as “out of control.” Today she is peaceful, a loving person, and states that a life is amazing!

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