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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-21-17 | By

Everything Is Coming Together

everything is coming together

Happy Friday!,

This is a really great feeling.

After years and years of working on Sober Nation, I feel that things are finally coming together. The problem for me wasn’t so much about how big the brand got, it is that I have so many ideas that it can be hard for me to stay focused.

As of right now, the Sober Nation brand includes this website, the Sober Podcasts, the New Lyfe Clothing line and Sobriety Engine, which is a collection of online courses I am building dedicated to helping people in their own recovery.

Some days I look at everything and I feel like I know what I’m doing, other days I find myself with impostors syndrome. But as I sit here writing this I can honestly say that I feel very content and confident in the work I am doing and I know that people are getting tons of value out of Sober Nation.

Thank you all so much. You changed my life. Enjoy this week’s newsletter

Tim Stoddart

New Drug Legislation in Oregon and the Effects of the Prison Population

Normally when I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, I eventually descend into a thoughtless stupor, precipitated by a parade of endless “selfies” and platitudinous status updates.

Every once in a while my social media-induced coma is interrupted by something intelligent or remarkable. I recently read an article detailing new legislation in the state of Oregon, which would amend current statutes designating minor drug possession as a felony.

People are Beginning to Wake Up

3 Tips To Help You Be Yourself in Sobriety

I used to drink because it took me out of my shell.

I admit, the first few years in recovery were hard for me. Obviously, it was difficult because I had to always be on guard to stay away from the relapse. But it was also difficult because I was figuring out who the fuck I was.

That’s not easy.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

6 Effective Methods To Talk To A Loved One About Their Addiction

Watching a loved one endure addiction can be terrifying and taking action to talk about it can be just as nerve-wracking. It may feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them, or that the pink elephant in the middle of the room is staring you down. You probably feel angry, confused, frustrated, scared and hopeless as you see them drudge down a dark road of despair. The good news is, you’re not alone and many others have come before you. The bad news is there’s no easy way to do it.

Here’s seven helpful steps to talk to someone about their addiction:

Learn How to Effectively Speak to a Family Member of a Loved One

This Silent Killer is a Wreaking Havoc for Addicts Around the World

What is Hepatitis C and How Can You Live with It?

“Passion and Purpose” with Tony G. Successful Entrepreneur and Recovering from Addiction

Tony Grebmeier of The Tony G. show and Fortune 5000 ShipOffers joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.

Today we discuss how Tony hit rock bottom with drug addiction and alcoholism and is now living a life filled with passion and purpose.

Live Your Life with Passion and Purpose

Bill Gilliland, Treatment Alternatives (Boca House)

Greg McNeil, interviews Bill Gilliland, the Chief Operating Officer of Treatment Alternatives in Boca Raton, Florida. In the Fall of 2013, Sam entered the Boca House for in-patient treatment. After 90 days, he entered the Intensive Outpatient Program. He successfully completed the program at Treatment Alternatives. However, his recovery was not permanent.

Dive Into This Interview with Bill Gilliland from Treatment Alternatives

More from the Reboot Your Recovery Course

I have gotten such amazing feedback from our first course launch. People are buying this course every day and I have already gotten emails and Facebook messages from people saying how much they enjoyed the course and how they will use the 30 day princibles in their lives. I really hope you give it a shot!

Jump Start Your Recovery

Coffee is my Drug of Choice

New Lyfe Clothing New Tee Shirt Release

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