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11-21-16 | By

Do You Need to Find God to Get Sober? [VIDEO]

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So we need to touch on an important topic real quick. I’ve gotten a lot of messages over the years and this is something that we haven’t actually talked about together in a while. Do you need to find God to get sober?

So let’s just say right out in the open that this is all just my personal experience. This is a touchy subject and I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s opinions on this. Bu here’s the deal.

NO. You do not need God to find God to get sober. I’ve seen plenty of examples of people who’ve done it without connecting to some sort of higher power. With that that being said, I’ve seen way way more examples of people that have gotten sober and have stayed sober through a connection with some sort of higher power.

It’s a relatively simple concept if you think about it. By our own devices, we’ve always led back to either the drink or the drug or whatever the obsession or addictive behavior is. Once,you find something bigger than yourself, you have the capability to tap into that and to gain strength from it.

Here’s the other interesting thing that I think people don’t give enough credit to or don’t think about enough. Human beings by nature are spiritual. Everybody, whether you’re agnostic or atheist or what you believe in, we’ve all had those moments where maybe you look at a sunset or you’re out in nature or you see something beautiful with humanity. When you get that strange feeling inside of you and you feel connected and you feel something bigger, you feel part of something. That’s all we’re looking for. You don’t even have to call it god. You don’t have to give it a name.

For me, it’s always just been energy. I feel connected to the energy of the universe and I can use that to gain perspective and to realize that whatever is going on, it’s really not all about me.

Once you gain that kind of perspective, it broadens your mind and it makes it a lot easier to go through life situations and not make it such a big deal. Because you realize that whatever it is you’re going through, in the grand scheme of things it’s really not that big of a deal.

That key concept right there is how I have remained sober all these years and I’m sure that a lot of people can attest to that.

So like I said before, if you have a different experience I would love to hear about it. If you’re super gung-ho, deep into religion or spirituality I would like to hear how it helps you.

The point is that even collectively as a community, we are altogether bigger and greater than each other of us individually. That right there is some sort of spirituality. There’s no denying that. Even if you’re atheist, you have to belong to something bigger than yourself. That’s just the way it is.

I would like to hear your guys opinions. If you need to talk to me, email me at Talk to you guys next time. Peace.


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