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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-28-17 | By

Damn I Feel Good

damn i feel good

What is up??!!!

I had a few moments this week where I was going about my business and was hit by overwhelming feelings of gratitude. I’m still not sure how or why I was given this amazing life of mine. I think I’ll stop asking why and just accept it.

I hope everyone reading this has reasons to be grateful. I hope you all take the time to count your blessings, even when life is hard or painful or unfair.

I’d like to hear back from everyone. Hit that reply button and tell me what you’re grateful for. I think I’ll create a video out of your responses.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy this week’s newsletter.

Tim Stoddart

Sobriety Engine Continues to Provide Value

I have to admit, this is going better than I expected.

When I created Sobriety Engine, I honestly wasn’t sure how people would respond. But after selling so many courses and getting such amazing responses, I have started the process of creating even more online courses.

The Jump Start Your Recovery Course is a 30 day program designed to give your recovery a little kick in the ass. Every day you’ll get some insightful reading on that days improvement topic. Some other lessons and an assignment.

Rob Schneider on this Week’s I Quit Podcast

I have been working my butt off to get all of these podcasts more exposure. One of my favorite shows is I Quit with renowned actor and comedian Lamie Lissow.

One of his most recent episodes features guest Rob Schneider. They talk about some real interesting experiences with addiction including Chris Farley, Robbin Williams and some great advice.

Rob Schneider: Best Seinfeld Story Ever. Leno and Rock’s Best Comedy Advice. Being Friends with Farley.

Healthcare and Addiction: What a Mess

Man this article really hit home for me.

This is an opinion piece written by one of our great writers, Marc Niedle. Marc gives solid arguments and exposure to the gaping holes in our health care system and shows how they play huge roles in addiction and treatment.

We Need to Clean Up Healthcare Once and For All

This Silent Killer is a Wreaking Havoc for Addicts Around the World

What is Hepatitis C and How Can You Live with It?

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