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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-28-16 | By

Craig from San Diego California Shares His Story of Recovery [VIDEO]

Craig. San Diego California

My name is Craig, from San Diego California.

I’m an alcoholic and my sobriety date is July 31st, 2009, which means God willing in eight days from today, I’ll have seven years of continuous sobriety.

What it was like

I started drinking and partying from a very early age. I enjoyed the feeling that alcohol gave me. That way to escape from who I was and I really thought I was escaping to be somebody else.

I was not very comfortable around others. I was a kind of a shy kid and alcohol was my way to get out and have that courage that I thought I needed.

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As I started going to high school and junior college the drinking got worse. As I started getting older the drinking got progressively worse until the chemical dependency was such that I was a blackout drinker. I was a daily blackout drinker. I was a gallon of vodka and two liters of wine everyday drinker. I was at the point that they talk about in the book, that “jumping off place.” I was at the point of where if I didn’t drink thDT’s’s started setting in within an hour of not having any alcohol. When I started to drink to calm that inner turmoil, I couldn’t stop.

So it was that vicious everyday constant circle of, having to drink. I had an experience at my home where I thought I wanted to stop drinking on my own. That I don’t recommend for anybody at all. I recommend that you do in a controlled environment with the doctor at the hospital. The people that were with me had thought I was right at the verge of dying.

What happened

God saved me at that point. Kept me conscious enough to make it through that detox. A week later I went to my very first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I really had thought A.A. was going to give me the tools to allow me to continue to drink, but but to drink controllably. To be able to be that social drinker that a lot of my friends and co-workers were. In fact, I found out that Alcoholics Anonymous is abstinence. Abstinence from all alcohol and mind-altering substances. That very first meeting I was given a big book. I started reading the big book I didn’t put it down until I finished it.

What it’s like now

I got a sponsor who had a sponsor who had a sponsor. I worked the 12 steps. All 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous a number of times. I now practice and work the 12 steps in my daily life. I go to four to five meetings a week. Religiously I find myself having to be with my own kind so I can see how you deal with problems. Because you help me every day. I learn how to live life without the bottle. I reach my hand out to other alcoholics and other people in need because your hand was there for me.

I go to a men’s meeting. I have a sober relationship with a woman that has almost the same amount of time as I do. We have a sober house hold. That in itself is one of the best feelings in the world. To be free from the bottle, to enjoy life and enjoy every little thing that happens every day.

The promises do come true.

You can get help too!

This video campaign has got to be one of the promises is that everybody talks about. This video campaign can get to you, to the people that need the help and get to the people that can’t get to a meeting. These people can look at a video and listen and know that a person like me, a down-and-out blackout drinker, can be sober and happy for seven years without a drink.

I do not take this lightly. I thank God for every single day that I wake up and I’m sober and I go to sleep when I’m sober. I know that without the program, without being around others, without having commitments at my meetings. I know that it would be a much tougher road to travel and the journey that I’m on, this is sober journey.

I just want to tell you all that if there is any way that you need help call you’re A.A. central. Call your dependency hotlines. Make the call, go to a meeting. Meet others and they will tell you and show you the way. They will show you the path so that when you think you are the worst person and that there is nobody that could have ever compared to your drinking or your drugging. That you know what? We’re all the same, we are all cut from the same cloth. Some of our little of antics that we did when we were drunk and stoned, those might be a little different. But we are all the same. We all need help we are not like those people that are out there. We are not like them, but we learn to live with them as best as we can.

Again my name is Craig. I am a grateful sober alcoholic from San Diego, California

Good luck to you.


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