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09-26-12 | By

College Kid nearly dies from Butt Chugging

butt chugging

“Butt Chugging” is the nickname of a dangerous practice by college students, among others, whereby alcohol is absorbed via an enema as opposed to consuming it orally. Today the University of Tennessee at Knoxville announced a 30-day suspension for a fraternity house where a student nearly died from the dangerous practice over the weekend. Alexander Broughton, a 20 year-old member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, was taken to U.T. Medical Center in Knoxville early Saturday after being found unresponsive, according to CBS affiliate WREG.

The hospital determined Broughton, of Memphis, had a 0.40 blood alcohol level which is considered life-threatening. New details reported today by WBIR say the victim was in critical condition, and showed signs of physical and possible sexual assault, according to the University of Tennessee Police Department.

An enema such as this may have been what University of Tennessee fraternity students may have used to ingest alcohol anally.

Today the University of Tennessee fraternity where the incident occurred has been suspended, pending a final decision about the chapter’s future, according to The N.Y. Daily News.

Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said in a statement Monday, the fraternity had allegedly conducted the alcohol enemas, which involves pouring drinks through a rubber tube inserted into the rectum.

“The abundance of capillaries and blood vessels [in the rectum] greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the blood stream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver”, DeBusk added.

, or “butt chugging” as it’s informally known as, are nothing new. They are just becoming newly known again by cases such as the Tennessee one. Officials hope by publicizing it, they may warn others since they have proven deadly in other cases. In 2004, Michael Warner of Texas died after his wife allegedly gave him a sherry enema.

Dr. Susan Besser says that alcohol enemas are popular because it goes straight into your bloodstream and gets you intoxicated faster. “Because the alcohol gets absorbed so much more quickly you can get a higher level much more quickly before you realize it and you can die”, Besser added.

Teens have been known to put eye drops of alcohol in their eyes, soak “gummy” type candies in alcohol, and even insert tampons soaked in alcohol in order to get drunk without drinking. These practices are especially dangerous because parents can’t smell alcohol on the kids’ breath.

In the Texas case, negligent homicide charges against Warner’s wife Tammy Jean were dropped after prosecutors couldn’t prove she was responsible for his death. She claimed her husband was addicted to alcohol enemas.


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