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12-18-18 | By

HQ Trivia CEO Dies of Suspected Overdose


If you’re a tech-nerd, or even like trivia games, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve heard of – or even played – the popular money winning game, HQ. While two times a day we see host Scott Rogowsky throw out cheesy puns and hilarious Dad jokes, however the game took a huge hit on Sunday afternoon.

A Loss for HQ Trivia

Colin Kroll, co-founder of Vine and the CEO of widely popular game HQ Trivia, died on Sunday morning of an alleged drug overdose, according to multiple reports.

The 34-year-old was discovered in the bedroom of his New York apartment by police department officers conducting a wellness check, after his girlfriend called requesting one, the NYPD said in a statement, released by TMZ.

“We learned today of the passing of our friend and founder, Colin Kroll, and it’s with deep sadness that we say goodbye,” an HQ Trivia spokeswoman said in a statement. “Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.”

Officials are investigating Kroll’s death as an apparent drug overdose because a white substance in an envelope was found next to his body when he was discovered, law enforcement said.

On Sunday afternoon, HQ Trivia took to Twitter to confirm the CEO’s passing.

The Drive For Success

After he co-found the popular 6-second video app, Vine, Kroll became a huge name in the tech world. Though, the young entrepreneur was fired from Vine after receiving complaints of poor management and it was reported he made some female colleagues uncomfortable with his behavior. In 2012 Twitter bought out Vine and shuttered the app four years later.

However, that didn’t stop Kroll. Him and his business partner Rus Yusupov went on to form Intermedia Labs, the company behind popular game, HQ Trivia. Launching in 2017 as a success, it soared to the top of Apple’s free game app at the beginning of 2018. In August, Kroll was promoted to CEO after a heated debate about HQ’s future in hopes that the new CEO would be able to launch more trivia games as a way to combat HQ’s declining audience.

A Pioneer and Game-Changer

“Colin was extremely talented, a warm and caring person and I will miss him,” said Cyan Banister, an HQ investor from Founders Fund, who is a board observer at the company. “It’s too painful and too soon to discuss anything else, but my thoughts are with his family and the rest of team.”

Clearly, Kroll left a huge impact on others around him as well as the tech world. He was known as a strong engineer and did what few entrepreneurs were able to do: Create industry-wide hits in Vine and HQ Trivia. As Vine left a huge mark in helping spur a generation of internet celebrities and creator, some also believe that HQ Trivia’s interactive game shows may be the future of television.

As we see another person gone too soon by a possible drug overdose, it’s clear that Kroll’s drive and success will be forever remembered as a pioneer and a game-changer in the tech industry.


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