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Putting Recovery On The Map

08-29-16 | By

Checklist for Starting College Sober – SCS #5

I can remember how excited I was for school to start. It’s not like high school where you see the same people every day and senioritis disrupted your stomach each morning as your alarm went off. College is different! You choose your own classes, make new friends and every day seems to be an adventure with hundreds of opportunities. But how do you make this place your home when all everyone seems to talk about is drinking parties that will inevitably go down this weekend?

If you’re sober in college, then you’ve accepted a challenge. You get to defy social norms, blaze your own story and go against the grain. Here are some things that will help you along the way.


Get OUT of Your Room 

You need to get out NOW! Or whenever you’re done reading this… The beginning of school is when all freshmen are looking for friends and things to do. If you stay in your room, you’re going to miss out. Be the one to introduce yourself to others too, don’t expect others to reach out to you.

Join a Club

Find a club that sounds cool to you. It could be centered around a hobby you like, something you want to try, a belief you have, or club around sobriety. This is the easiest way to meet people that you’ll get along with and have at least one thing in common with. It also gives you something to put on your resume right away, propelling you ahead of every other student that just goes to classes.

Get a Planner/ Calendar

One of the biggest mistakes of a new student, is treating college like high school. Make sure to write EVERY assignment, meeting time, class time and test date down in your planner. Your professor does not have to remind you of anything. Start off the year on a good note and you won’t have to play “catch up” for the next 3 years.

Look for Sober Weekend Events

There’s obviously going to be drinking parties every weekend. But there are other things going on too. Often times the residence halls/ dorms, student union and clubs will host events. Going to them is a great way to find people that are sober as well. And if they just aren’t that fun… then start throwing your own Party.0 parties. Remember, if you’re looking for something, there are probably hundreds of other people looking for the same thing!


Going to university can be overwhelming! Everything’s new, you’re away from family and you’ve got your entire future in front of you. “OMG what am I going to do with my life?!” But it doesn’t have to be. College is the time to explore what you like and try new things. There’s an entire community there to support you and they know that you’re not perfect; you’ve got to fail in order to grow. So chill out, enjoy yourself and make the most of your time.


How did you do this year?


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