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Sober Nation

Putting Recovery On The Map

11-24-17 | By

Black-Friday Blues


Happy Black-Friday Sober Nation!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I’m currently freezing my ass off in Boston eating a plateful of leftovers and staying out of the mess of department stores! I would rather not deal with all the hustle and the bustle so I am personally am looking forward to Cyber Monday to get all my holiday shopping done from behind my desk.

Years ago I used to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Much like my using, I reacted with anger, self-pity, and defiance against anyone who got in my way. When I was using, all I wanted to do was to be accepted by another human being, and while shopping I just wanted to score that hot deal on the new “High-Definition TV.” All in all, I wanted that connection, whether that be to booze, another human, or an inanimate object at a good price.

However, when I got sober, I realized that the depths of the connections I made in recovery with genuine friends and with my Higher Power surpassed the ones I was trying to reach with other addictions and substances. Just like our actions of our addictions effects relationships, it does the same thing while we’re getting sober, with the adverse reaction. In sobriety I’ve mended relationships, been able to show up in a loving and joyful manner, and instead of reacting, I act. It truly is a beautiful life.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and your week! We’ve got some great stuff for ya!

Much love,

Tim Stoddart

Way To Go, Trent!

Trent celebrated 7 (that’s SEVEN) years of sobriety on the 17th! Trent shares what happened and what his life is like now, and encourages those struggling to ask for help. He discusses that even though there are still bad days, he doesn’t have to use to get through them.

Want to share your story? Submit yours here! And check out Trent’s!


We know that traveling during this time of year can be stressful, and even harder to manage if you’re doing it while trying to stay sober. We’ve noticed that a lot of people are prone to relapse at the end of the year and we have put together a list of quick tips to keep you on your feet and moving forward!

6 On The Go Tips To Keep Your Sobriety First

Get Spiritual!

Don’t let the holidays hinder your growth! Do you feel your life is lacking? Do you want to find a bigger purpose? We’ve created our second course on Sobriety Engine,and can’t wait for you to check it out! This course offers a week’s worth of practical lessons, feedback, exercises and readings designed to guide you on a path of self-discovery.

7 Days To A More Spiritual Life

“I’m More Creative When I’m Using…”

Said every active addict and alcoholic.. ever! Many of us had that thought process in our using days. After all, that was one of our best excuses to keep doing it. However, in this article, Emilie debunks that myth and shares about her own artistic experience while getting sober. Be sober, be an artist, and see your project through. It’s truly an art.

The Art Of Being A Sober Artist

The First Ever Game Show!

This week, “The Way Out Podcast” brings us their fist ever game show for your ears only. This episode is a continuation of their live interview with Omar Pinto – they play “Blasts from Podcasts Past”, which is an adapted form of classic radio turn TV hit “This is Your Life.” Listen to people recovering, out loud, and get inspired.

Plus, 15 Tips To Help You Stay Sober Through The Holidays

Travis Lost His Son To The Opioid Epidemic

And now he’s doing something about it. Tyler, Travis’ son, died of a heroin and fentanyl overdose in September 2014. Now, Travis is the founder of “Breaking Barriers – Hope Is Alive“, located in Uniontown, Ohio. In this weeks, Cover 2 Podcast, Travis Bornstein discusses the stigma of addiction and how we can break it through unity and love.

What Is Breaking Barriers? Listen here.

It’s Getting Cold!

Winter hasn’t even reached it’s peak and I’m freezing! Stay warm in New Lyfe Clothing’s sweatshirt of the week featuring the “Dopeless Crew Hoodie.” The New Lyfe family sticks together. Rocking this shirt is a great way to show the world what you stand for even in the cold.

We would rather be Dopeless.





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