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      Sober Nation

      Putting Recovery On The Map

      Author: Tim Powers

      I've been writing for Sober Nation since 2013. I'm a lover of the bass guitar, old vinyl and coffee. Bald, tattooed and a Gemini. Eleven years clean and paying it forward.

      Posts by Tim Powers:

      10-03-13 | By Tim Powers

      Regret and Its Role in Recovery


      Regret Emotional balance is essential for well-being, especially for those in recovery. Because the crutch of the substance has been removed, those who are in recovery have little opportunity to run away from those negative emotions that provide formidable roadblocks.  Regret is one of those strong and negative emotional states that can run riot for … Continued

      Posts by Tim Powers:

      10-02-13 | By Tim Powers

      Underage Drinking in the United States

      The Underage Drinking Problem

      Of all the serious health problems prevalent in the United States, underage drinking is one of the most prevalent and serious health problems. Alcohol is the most widely used substances of abuse among the youth of this country.  The focus of this article is not focused squarely on the hard data that has been compiled … Continued

      Posts by Tim Powers:

      10-01-13 | By Tim Powers

      Treatment for Heroin Addiction

      treatment for heroin addiction

      Searching for a New Treatment for Heroin Addiction In a number of research projects funded under the Programme on Alcohol and Drug Research at the Research Council of Norway, researchers are hoping to uncover the reasons why heroin brings such a pronounced effect to users of the drug.  Years ago, it was discovered that heroin … Continued

      Posts by Tim Powers:

      09-30-13 | By Tim Powers

      The Horrors of Krokodil


      Krokodil A caustic, homemade drug that aggressively eats through the flesh of users has made inroads into the United States.  Recently, two deaths in Arizona were attributed to the use of krokodil, a highly addictive designer drug that had surfaced in Siberia in the early 2000’s and spread through Russia within three years.  Krokodil, also … Continued

      Posts by Tim Powers:

      09-27-13 | By Tim Powers

      Prenatal Cocaine Exposure

      cocaine babies

      Prenatal Cocaine Exposure: The Effects Prenatal cocaine exposure has significant effects on both behavior and brain functioning.  In animal studies, prenatal cocaine exposure during development in the womb causes disruptions in brain development and causes adverse effects on behavior in childhood that lasts through adulthood.  Similar studies in human populations have been limited due to … Continued