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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      Author: Ralf Friedrichs

      Hello- my name is Ralf Friedrichs, I am a life coach, a Addiction Recovery Coach and the host of this show, the Take Your Life Back Today Show I'm NOT a Doctor,Counselor,Therapist or a Sponsor! I am a Life and Addiction Recovery Coach that is recovering from Alcoholism. For that reason I know what you or your loved ones are going through. I never address past issues. Instead I focus on today and moving ahead so positive changes can happen in your life while you have a smooth transition into recovery. Recovery Coaching is often used concurrently with therapy and counseling, and it should never be considered a substitute. Recovery coaching ethics and guidelines require that if you are primarily seeking relief from emotional or psychological pain, I must and will refer you to a Therapist or Counselor. As a Life and Addiction Recovery Coach, I can answer questions, offer reflections and help my you become resourceful and capable of choosing what is best for you in recovery over time. I believe in and support every client I work with, and I am here to make sure that everyone I work with has continued success After many years of Alcohol abuse, learning to live sober was a bit of a challenge for me and I didn't really know if I could live the life of sobriety. When I decided to yell "last call" with my drinking over 2 1/2 years ago, I said to myself "enough is enough" and reached out to God for guidance and direction. I sat down, took a deep hard look at my life and my past and present situation and knew I needed to "Take My Life Back" with the help of God. I started to think of the positives and negatives of alcohol, and found only negatives. I knew that now is the time for change. I planned a battle plan for my recovery, God led me to a few AA meetings. After a few meetings, I knew I needed to be more actively involved in my recovery. It was then that I realized what God wanted to continue what he began in 1981 in the USMC. In 1981, God guided me to become a Lay Reader during boot camp. I directly worked with the Chaplain, helping others through tough times. But back then it never dawned on me, that God had a plan that would only become real in 2013, when I was ready, when I hit rock bottom, when I needed God to help me. I knew it was here , now and on June 22, 2013, God helped me to "Take My Life Back". It was then, that I realized how to start my own recovery methods, a simple concept (learning and educating myself as I move forward in my recovery). My 1st website, then my 2nd website, . I have hosted over 2300 shows and appeared different shows on TV, soon I will have completed my book. My show is played in over 39 Rehab centers, some correctional facilities in the US. My methods truly work for one reason, because I am actively involved with my addiction and making sure I am involved in your addiction also 10-15 hours daily, 24/7 Here are some things I do daily: *Visiting Addicts In Homeless Shelters, Hospitals & Jails ​*Help Addicts Find A Job/Rehab *Exchanging Phone Numbers *Providing Websites That Focus On Recovery In 2011, at the age of 49, I started to feel much more mature. I started to think differently, getting rid of old habits, and wanting to make positive changes in my life. However, the positive changes could not happen until the gates of "Demons" were closed. I call this my Rock Bottom. In 2013 I not only closed those gates, but I padlocked them shut forever. So, now that I see things clearly, drinking is not even a choice, it would be to painful to ever start again and let down the thousands of supporters, fans and viewers. I have learned from the past, left it behind me and intentionally created a positive future. Part of that future is educating myself about my disease, how to live with it and help others live it too. I want to help others see, feel and experience sobriety, life without Alcohol & Drugs. As I approached different addiction educating methods, videos became a passion. Videos give you ALL a face, a voice and a story while helping all watching to understand this disease. My story will continue through the camera into your living room, kitchen, homeless shelters, correctional facilities and rehab centers or anywhere else you might be watching me. Remember, today-yes today your received 86,400 seconds from God, he deposited those seconds into your life account, what you do with them will define you Call me at 844-405-help, we can help each other take our lives back. May god bless you

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      I’m NOT a Doctor, Counselor, Therapist or a Sponsor! I am a Master Addiction Recovery Coach and Life Coach that is recovering from alcoholism. What Is A Recovery Coach? For that reason I know what you or your loved ones are going through. I never address past issues. As a recovery coach, I focus on … Continued

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