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Putting Recovery On The Map

09-19-19 | By Tori Skene

Maker of Oxycontin Files for Bankruptcy – But It’s Still Not A Win For The Opioid Crisis.

Earlier this week, Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxycontin, filed for bankruptcy. The same day the company also negotiated a multi-billion dollar settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits – mostly involving their role in the opioid crisis. While this may sound like positive news for those who have followed along in the Purdue Pharma saga, … Continued

| By John Ferreira

The Correlation Between Addiction and Homelessness

Substance abuse has remained a long-standing issue throughout the United States. At any given moment there are tens of millions of US citizens struggling with drug addiction issues. Some of these people will be able to maintain jobs and pay their bills. There are others who may lose their jobs and find themselves in bad … Continued

09-16-19 | By John Ferreira

The Facts About Teen Drug Use

Teen drug use has remained a serious concern throughout the United States for decades. Teenagers are still developing, both mentally and physically, and drug abuse can greatly impact their lives. They are still learning imperative life-skills, what brings them joy, and are figuring out exactly who they are. If someone in this developmental stage of … Continued

09-11-19 | By Stephen Reichel

We Teach Sex Ed to Kids, Why Not Addiction Awareness?

Knowing about the dangers of addiction is just as important as talking about the birds and the bees, according to Dr. Rajy Abulhosn, a medical provider at Confirm BioSciences. When nearly 2.3 million adolescents ages 12-17 admit to using alcohol in the past month and 1.9 million adolescents admit to using drugs, school districts should … Continued

09-10-19 | By Tori Skene

Starbucks Now Offering Employees Mental Health Benefits

Starbucks isn’t just known for their coffee. Over the years, Starbucks has proven itself to be one of the top employers. Known as “partners,” those finding themselves employed by Starbucks have a multitude of benefits, including free coffee, free membership to Spotify, discounts to gym memberships, college tuition perks, and a 5% match to a … Continued