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Putting Recovery On The Map

10-20-17 | By

Another Friday Sober!

another friday sober


Happy Friday Nation!

The days seem to drag but the weeks tend to fly by! Am I right? We are already at the end of October! With the snow-birds starting to make their way down to South Florida, the license plates are starting to change colors and the roads are starting to get congested. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my good friend’s passing, and I can’t believe it’s been one year. One whole trip around the sun without him! I think of all the good times we had together, the ones he’s missed, the laughs, the cries, and it’s hard to even think about how this world has gone on without him.

I still find myself still talking to him from time to time and am proud to have known him. But man, I hate this opioid epidemic. I’ve known three people in the last year that have been taken way too soon and the pain their families have endured seems unbearable.

While my heart breaks for these people, their families, and friends, I stay grateful that I woke up sober another day and am able to live some of the experiences for them that they never got to. I also get to connect with you guys and give back.

I think I’ll do the same thing tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts, and have a relaxing weekend!

Tim Stoddart

This Is Unbelievable

In the midst of the worst opioid epidemic, a new law was passed to make it easier to get deadly opioid drugs into the market. The article that was published is in-depth, informing, and all together scary. I’ve put together my reaction video and the link to the article.

Stay informed, my friends.

Way To Go Benjamin!

We love hearing your story’s and Benjamin’s did not disappoint! He’s put together a little over eight months and has found a new way of life with a Higher Power and a support system. We can’t wait to see where life takes you, Ben!

Read his story, here. 

Wear Your Youth

We always want to feel the wonder of life and and view things a in playful point of view no matter how old we get! New Lyfe’s T-Shirt of the week features this classy, but simple “Stay Young” tee. Wear your heart on your sleeve or literally just wear this shirt and look cool (and young) doing it!

Stay Young!

Let’s Talk Drugs

Does a fried-egg really depict what your brain on drugs looks like? What actually happens? This “Let’s Talk Drugs” Podcast is super informative and take’s an in-depth look of how drugs work in your brain and how the effects could lead to addiction.

Check It Out, Here

Addiction As A Misunderstood Disease

People in recovery are some of the smartest, passionate souls that I have ever come across, but a lot of the times societies views pin them down do be shameful, and harmful creatures. Hopefully with informed minds and hearts truly open, eventually we can see the malady of what addition really is, a disease.

This article breaks that down for us

Rocking Your Face Off, While Sober!

Our friend John, is an avid music junkie and recounts his experiences of festivals he’s been to. He tells us about the sober support services for people attending festival’s while clean and sober. Some have meetings on-site, and some have sober camping.

Going to a Music Festival Sober.

Stay Ahead of Your Recovery

With all the craziness that has been going on these past couple of weeks in the world, we can’t stay sober on yesterday’s actions. Everyday counts and that’s what our 30 day online course can help with. Read through a course each day, and take a little bit of time for YOU. Sounds pretty nice to me!

Jump Start Your Recovery Course


Reboot Your Recovery