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08-10-11 | By

The Relationship Between Alcohol Use And Violence

alcohol and violence

Alcohol and violence seem like they have been partners for hundreds of years.

It has been proven that the use of alcohol effects the way that a mind functions. For some it’s a Dr Jekyll – Mr. Hyde situation. At times this person maybe very calm and peaceful but add alcohol to the equation and everything changes. This person who was once calm cool and collected is now a violent and angry individual. Such changes in mental functioning play a large factor in the relationship between alcohol use and violence.

Go visit any police station or jail on any random night, you will not be surprised to see such a large number of individuals who were brought in for intoxication and the violent acts that are so often associated with heavy drinking.  Not only does alcohol act as a mood inhibitor, but it can also give a false sense of security and power among those who are intoxicated by it.

Violence and alcohol related issues are a major problem, from households to college campuses and everywhere in between. As crime levels increase from the dangerous duo, it continues to emerge as a powerful and dangerous problem. According to the NCADD or the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence,” 5.3 million adults − 36% of those under correctional supervision at the time − were drinking at the time of their conviction offense” They also stated the fact that alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes caused today.

Violence-related injuries are also ranked high among those people who have been taking part in drinking activities, one of the most obvious being physical violence from one person to another. Alcohol use and violence and the effects they have on those involved are insightful reasons to not take part in drinking at all. Substance abuse in all forms has the capability to turn into an unfavorable situation. And despite its current legal status, alcohol is no different in such situations.

Based off of reports from victims alcohol was being used by the offender in:

  • 37% of rapes and sexual assaults
  • 15% of robberies
  • 27% of aggravated assaults, and
  • 25% of simple assaults

Everyone suffers when it comes to alcohol related crimes. Alcohol is not biased, it doesn’t care about what your sex is, what the color of your skin is or what God you pray to. Whether man, woman or child it can reach and impact everyone. The more informed we are as a people the dangers associated with alcohol and violence the better prepared we will be to help prevent others from being hurt by this. We must effectively approach these crimes and situations in such a way where we will not endanger ourselves or others, call the police in a situation that may become violent. It’s not worth the risk of becoming a statistic.

Often times people consume alcohol in social situations due to social anxiety. When people drink because of uncomfortably, many times they can drink too fast or even drink too much. Too much consumption (especially in large crowds) can lead to fights, brawls and assaults. If you chose to drink for social reasons, be sure to keep an eye on how fast and how much you are drinking. A good night out can quickly turn into a night in jail.

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol it is important to get help. For many it is tough to be willing to get help until we have suffered consequences. Many times those consequences lead to imprisonment, loss of relationships, bodily injury or even death.

It is never too soon or too late to change your life. If you are acting violently while under the influence the most honorable and respectful thing you can do is admit that you have a problem and ask for help. Being drunk is no excuse for hurting someone else. There are plenty of treatment options available for alcoholism help. Do not be afraid to call.

If you are serious about getting help, we are always available. Call the Sober Nation hotline at 866-317-7050.

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