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Putting Recovery On The Map

08-18-17 | By

A Week Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

best week ever

I was thinking this past week that everything happens at exactly the right time. I don’t think anything is a coincidence. The people, the places, come exactly into our life right when we need them – and boy, am I grateful for that.

I’ve been juggling a lot lately, and looking back in how far I’ve come, I don’t think I could have handled this life I have a couple of years ago. Businesses, family, friends, etc. I sat down with a friend this week over coffee and we just talked about day to day stressors – years ago I would have never imagined I would have had the privilege to have the type of “1st world” problems I have today.

When I first got sober I would roll my eyes when I heard the term, “A life beyond my wildest dreams,” but I understand what that means now.

What is a “life beyond your wildest dreams?” Hit that reply button and let me know, and enjoy this weeks newsletter!

You stay classy, SoberNation!

Tim Stoddart

12 Steps and Beyond – The Power of Asking for Help

Asking for help is easier said than done, and I’ve heard a couple of dozen times that the phone weighs 1,000 pounds. This week the “Rise and Grind” Podcast interviews author, Johnnie Calloway who shares his story of recovery and abuse as a child in hopes to encourage others to step out from the shadows and rise from the ashes the way he did.

12 Steps and Beyond

We’re Not As Safe As We Think

Yesterday’s recovery can’t keep me sober today, and I know that if I don’t do what I need to for my recovery each day, I’m one step closer to relapse. The Sobriety Engine is completely self-paced and you’ll get lifetime access to it, so you can take your time and really get into the material. No excuses! Remain teachable, my friends.

Check out the 30 day course, here!

Original Gangster

The other half to our featured shirt from last week is “OG,” Bill Wilson, who is co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It took lots of guts to do what Bill W. did, and we always love to pay tribute to people who don’t accept things for the way they are and are not afraid to do something about it.

Bill is Our Original Gangster!

One Word: Dating

In this article, Tori gives us some of her insight into the mistakes she’s made while dating in sobriety. Some of these lessons can be powerful, and if we put these tools to use, they can save us from a lot of headache and a lot of heartache.

Mistakes I’ve Made While Dating in Sobriety

How Comedy Helps Recovery

This is one of my favorite “I Quit” podcast episodes! I’ve seen Comedian, Mark Lundholm speak at a few recovery conferences and if you want some deep belly laughs, you’ve got to listen to this week’s podcast. Formerly homeless and living under a bridge, Mark put a gun in his mouth, pulled the trigger and the gun jammed. Now, Mark is a monster is the recovery comedy community and living a sober, inspiring life.

Mark Lundholm from Suicide Attempt to Success

Our Hats are off to Krystale!

“I relapsed and relapsed until I was near death barely holding on my last breath. I entered into a hospital went into treatment for my last time and changed my life.”

Talk about an inspiring story of strength and hope, today Krystale is living life with over two years clean!

Check out her story here!

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