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Putting Recovery On The Map

07-10-18 | By

7 Of The Best Ways To Have A Blast (Now That You’re Sober)

One of the roadblocks to early sobriety can be learning how to have fun. For a long time it was hard for me to make the distinction between having fun and getting completely obliterated and after a duration of time lost interest in everything except getting to the bottom of the bottle and my living room couch. As I dried out, some of the reoccurring thoughts that swamped my mind were:

How the hell do I live without being drunk? What am I going to do at brunch without champagne? What am I going to do at dinner without wine? How am I going to go to a sporting event without a cold beer?

Overtime, I learned to make the distinction that getting completely smashed wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Here are some of the ways I have fun.. now that I’m sober.

Do Normal People Stuff

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. After awhile, it’s crazy to find out that normal people things can be fun. Things like going to the dog park, going hiking, eating at a nice restaurant, taking a road trip to nowhere particular, going to the movies on a lazy Sunday seemed so out of reach when I was drinking before. I had to complicate everything. Now, these things are simple and come to find out super enjoyable.

Take Risks

Just because I’m sober it hasn’t stopped be from being an adrenaline junkie. Before I used to do crazy things like make out with someone in public, tell someone off, or steal alcohol. Yes, I’m still somewhat of a rebel, but today I do things like go skydiving, go off-roading, or take sporadic trips across the country. These things make me feel completely alive, but I don’t run the risks of ruining my life.

Cuddle Up And Do Absolutely Nothing

Before, I would need a bottle to relax. However, today, I value my alone time because in adverse I spend a lot of my time doing productive things. Just because I like to be alone, doesn’t mean that I’m a loser or a loner. Yes, I’ve been accused of being a hermit and binging on Netflix and reading my books a little bit too much, but today, I take advantage of that time, and I love it.

Conquer The World

When I’m not drinking or drugging, I come to find out I have so much more time on my hands, and there’s so much more to see other than what’s on my living room TV. I’ve been to festivals, have traveled to different countries, and flown many miles… completely sober, and wouldn’t you know it… it’s amazing what you remember when you’re not getting wasted.

Learn Something New

You never know what you might love when you try something new. Take a surfing class, try yoga, take an art class. The options are limitless! This can additionally become an outlet for frustration and stress.


Today, I laugh more than I ever have doing the stupidest things and I feels great.

Be Myself

For years, I spent countless amounts of time and energy being someone who I wasn’t. I tried to fit in, change my hair, my clothes, and my style just to be someone who I thought someone else wanted me to be. Today, I actually like myself. I can be crazy, funny, shy, outgoing, and sometimes all of the above. The journey to sobriety has been a path of self-discovery. Discovering ways to have fun, learn who exactly I am, and to experience life from my own person, not anybody else, or anything other than who I am.


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