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      Putting Recovery On The Map

      04-04-19 | By

      5 Reasons Online Addiction Treatment May Be The Best Way To Get Sober.

      A study released in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggests that online treatment for addiction may be more effective than face to face treatment. Participants in the study showed greater completion rates and more reduced levels of substance use.

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve worked in the fields of addiction recovery and mental health for a long time. For many, traditional treatment isn’t affordable for all. For others, we simply can’t fit it into our lives and schedules. And, sadly, many of us put our careers in peril by admitting we have a problem.

      Effective addiction recovery treatment like SoberNow increases awareness. It emphasizes identifying and fulfilling unmet needs, soliciting support, and most of all, it helps develop proactive plans for relapse prevention. Providing these strategies in an online format is advantageous for a number of reasons:


      Online programs are far more flexible in terms of scheduling and the amount of time required to access and utilize programs. Traditional treatment is almost exclusively offered weekdays and during business hours. Those receiving online treatment can log on at their convenience, and work at their own pace.

      It Removes Barriers To Recovery

      Transportation and child care are often barriers to engaging in addiction recovery programs. Online programs are accessible from anywhere. Parents can use them at home and professionals can utilize them on a lunch hour. Further, they eliminate the challenges of living in rural areas where support is often unavailable.

      It Requires Less Vulnerability

      In traditional treatment, if we don’t understand a concept, we need to ask for clarification. Early recovery is not only a difficult juncture to be vulnerable; it is also a time in which we’re more accustomed to compensating for what we don’t know. In an online format, a user can simply replay a video, save what they learned, and go back to watch or listen again.

      It’s Self-Directed

      People in early recovery typically struggle with folks we perceive as authority figures and are often less than receptive to direction. Online programs allow us to select what is of interest and focus on what we feel is most needed. If an online program is accessible, we can prioritize the order and rate at which individual issues are addressed.

      Online Programs Focus on Skill and Development

      Traditional therapy focuses on processing emotional experiences and exploring connections to our pasts. Addiction treatment is best when focused entirely on creating stability and better health in the present. This is best achieved by changing patterns of addictive thinking. While feelings and memories are important, safety and harm reduction have to come first.

      The simple but often overlooked aspect of recovery is that no one ever just stops doing something without replacing it. Example: folks who quit cigarette smoking tend to gain weight. That’s rarely a conscious choice. It is replacing one unhealthy habit with another. This type of subconscious decision making is why we need to develop realistic goals and maintain accountability for our choices.

      Sober Now

      SoberNow was created exactly with each of these reasons in mind. SoberNow features both an online addiction recovery program and a program for those with a loved one struggling with addiction. Each program is 28-days that utilize videos, readings, music, daily goals and writing and unlike other programs, affordable.

      Effective addiction recovery treatment allows us to replace destructive habits with productive investments and healthy forms of coping. We need to make changes in managing time, stress, and triggers. Recovery is a lifestyle that requires learning to live manageably and sustainably. 


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